AC Delco and Delco Remy Parts

Small selection of AC Delco Parts this manufactures Name is the for-runner of the Old company name of Delco Remy. The later AC Delco parts where used on a broad range of Vauxhall/Bedford vehicles Although originally British based company, a lot of these parts were fitted the American Vehicles from the General Motors Group

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AC cork gasket 7950047
£6.00 / box(es) *
No image available
AC T921 Fuel Filter
Delco Remy Electrical Nipple 91059862 box of 10
Old price £10.00
£8.00 / box(es) *
Knurled nut wiper AAU6974 7956851
£10.00 / pair(s) *

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1 - 50 of 51 results